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This provides a high level of protection to your company’s computers, Servers and Mobile devices against new data threats.

Whatever you do at work online with your PC, Mac& android Devices, Get  our licensed security software to protect you from malware, fraudsters etc

If your PC/desktop computers are at risk, so you are, Contact us to acquire acquire the tools to protect yourself

$39 From $117 $195 $234

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 delivers premium PC, Mac and Android protection from online threats to your identity, your money and your family with Kaspersky safe kids.

License is multilingual (you can use your language of preference -e.g. English,

Deutsch, French, Greek etc.) and download the trial version from the Kaspersky website.

Use this license code to renew your already running license from 2018 (if you prefer using this version) or activate to the latest 2019 version for the first time. We suggest using latest 2019 version. In the case, you want to protect your Android devices (Android 4.1-8) or your Apple computers (MAC OS 10.6-10.13) you have to use Kaspersky Internet Security and apply this code. KTS isn’t available for Android and Apple o/s. It is only available for Windows machines.


Original Code / Key Valid for 1 year / 365-355 days

Software downloading from official Kaspersky website

Worldwide activation

Operating Systems

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP

macOS 10.9 – 10.12

Android 4.0 – 7.0


Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

Make sure that the date is correct on your computer. If the system date is incorrect, fix it.

Add the activation code which contains only Latin characters and numeric digits into the Activation window. Check if the keyboard layout is correct before you enter the code.

If you don’t see the Activation window or if you closed the application after installing it, and click the link Enter activation code in the lower-right part of the main window.



All Licenses are delivered Digitally through Email as well as the Installation links

CD Versions are available at an extra cost of Ugx 10,000 per CD

Installations can be organized at a cost of Ugx 10,000 per computer