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Websites are now free for all Ugandan businesses
  Your customers are online and they expect your business to be there too. Create a free website with Webnet in just days. 
Partnering with Foundation for Millennium Promise and other partners, Webnet is now offering free Websites to Ugandan Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
If you’re a business owner without a website, and didn’t  know where to start from or still worried of the high costs of designing one, Webnet has good news for you.
Over the last 6 months. This program has benefited hundreds of busineses and we hope to reach out to thousands of Ugandan Businesses over the next 2 years.

Recently Included:
  • Custom Templates
  • Joomla sites
  • Site Studio
  • Site Builder
Here are the steps:
  1. Sign up for Web Hosting Services In Uganda. This will includes a domain name ( and Emails as well as website hosting for a full year. Other resources like PHP and Databases needed for your website are also included. The usual cost of this is UGX 194,000. Your company emails are created and made functional at this stage.
  2. Your then Assigned a dedicated Technical Support/Web designer to take you through the entire design process and advise you on how best to come up with a good website. At this point you will be expected to submit your information such as a company profile and relevant images to include on the Website.
  3. After we design for you a website for free, we shall still go ahead and upload it, publish it and show it to the world.
  4. We then go ahead and train you on how to do future maintenance of the Website and handover to you a soft copy of your Website.


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