Google My Business

Any business that serves customers locally needs to be on Google My Business (GMB). Leveraging this free tool provided by Google together with investing in good SEO and paid ads, can help drive sales. This guide will show you how to use GMB effectively. When all the features provided by GMB are used in the way they are intended, a business can gain far more visibility than just organic search results.

Q&A feature:  This feature allows customers to ask a business owner questions directly on the GMB listing. The business owner can upvote the good questions with their answers so that they appear first in the profile. Giving informative answers and upvoting good questions is one of the best ways to take advantage of the Q&A feature.


Chat:  GMB has a chat feature that can be switched on and linked to a phone number. Business owners can select this feature to receive queries via SMS. The feature enables business owners to reply almost instantly to questions. The response time is displayed on the GMB profile; a quick response time can help the profile rank better in a Google search.


Description:  The 750-character description feature gives the profile owner a good opportunity to make a strong case for their business. A short description telling customers a bit more about the business can help generate more interest and customer engagement. The description should be used to talk about the brand and the product in a way that a customer finds useful.


Google posts:  Google posts included in GMB gives business owners the chance to write short blog posts, announce new products, list news about the company and so on. Business owners should use this feature along with images or videos to grab the customer’s attention.


Book an appointment:  The book an appointment feature allows customers to contact the business for an appointment directly from the GMB listing. This feature is important because it makes things more convenient for the customer by eliminating extra steps. The owner of the profile should use this feature to increase customer engagement by adding a URL that takes the customer directly to a landing page.

Small Thanks With Google:  Small Thanks With Google is another Google product that can be integrated into Google My Business. It takes the positive reviews from the GMB listing and makes posters out of them that are displayed within the listing. “Small Thanks With Google” helps to highlight the good things that people have said about the business in a way that makes new customers notice.