AutoCAD 2021

Transferable digital license

License with no expiration date

Compatible with both Windows OS and macOS

License type:full version; possibly upgraded by maintenance agreement with copyright holder

Distribution type:digital certificate; single license (SLM) / network license (NLM)

Secondary software:yes; we deliver all required documents in accordance with EU laws

License valid for:lifetime


Installation method:installation from the manufacturer's installation file (we provide a link for downloading the file)

Architecture:32/64 bit

OS Compatibility:Windows, macOS

Usage:pairable with Autodesk account

Language:multilingual license

License certificate

Documentation in accordance with the EU laws (Seller's Declaration)

Confirmation of purchase (invoice)

Installation file to download

Screen resolution:1920×1080 or higher

Operating system: Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1, 10; macOS 10.13 or a newer version

Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics processor; 1 GB GPU

Hard disk space:6 GB

Memory:8 GB RAM

Processor:2.5 GHz