ASHAMPOO® BACKUP 2018(The Backup Solution For Every One, Easy, Fast & Secure)


If you ever sat in-front of a black screen because your windows refused to start,you know the value of backups.Backup entire disk partitions in just a few clicks and restore your files even in the event of a total system failure that’s what ASHAMPOO® BACKUP 2018 is all about.This application was specifically designed to do the heavy lifting for you, that means safety without the need constant user interaction or system slowdown,it’s simple,it’s easy and it’s safe!


Install & Customize; ASHAMPOO® BACKUP 2018 covers all the essentials of backup creation and restoration.simply select a disk partition a target location and a time and you are all set! from now on ASHAMPOO® BACKUP 2018 will backup your files securely in the background.Experience maximum safety with minimal effort, no technical knowledge required.


A good backup solution should not interfere with your daily PC work.That is why ASHAMPOO® BACKUP 2018 pauses automatically whenever your PC is heavily used but even if it dose not you will barely notice it.

-Fully automated data backups.

-Backup and restore any file with easy.

-Backup and restore entire operating system.

-Secure encryption to protect your privacy.

-User-friendly and self-explanatory.

-Huge space savings through maximum compression.

-Self explanatory ,no technical knowledge required.

-Easy data recovery through program or windows explorer.

-Rescue disk against total system failure.

-No computer slow downs, backups will pause automatically when needed.