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Payment Solution for Online Merchants
  Only UGX 498,000
Accepted payment options include:


A simple solution that will boost your sales
  WEBNET is a fully-fledged payment service provider suitable for any type of online business. It is also a perfect complement to any of your current credit card payment processing services. It makes it easy to introduce additional means of payment; your product or service will be offered to a completely different, large category of customers – users of electronic money. World statistics show that e-money turnover keeps growing each year and, with WEBNET, you only need to take a few simple steps in order not to miss out on more sales!

WEBNET combines the best of two fundamental approaches to financial operations: the ability to receive non-refundable payments (you will never encounter with reversed payments); and additionally the possibility to accept potentially refundable but the most convenient and popular credit card payments.
  All Payment Options:
 Accept credit cards, bank transfers, cheques, money transfer systems, phone payment systems and various e-currencies;

Multiple Businesses:

Your account can have several wallets, each of them can represent a separate business, thus making the accounting clear and simple;

Multicurrency Wallets:
 Each wallet can hold funds in several currencies (sub-accounts) of your choice;

Any Type of Product or Service:
 Sell digital products or services as well as tangible goods (in this case the system will request buyer’s shipping address during checkout);

Non-Refundable Payments: 
There is an ability to receive payments only in WEBNET e-currency what is practically non-refundable*;

Flexible Withdrawals:
 Withdraw the money you have earned directly to a bank account, via an WEBNET-issued debit card, money transfer systems, or various supported e-currencies via our integrated exchange service;

No Boundaries:
 WEBNET Company service is available worldwide with practically no limit on transaction amounts and volumes;

Reliable & Secure:
 WEBNET account funds are securely protected with possibility of an additional authorization by entering the one-time password(s), sent via SMS to a customer’s mobile phone;

Featuring an all-in-one user-friendly multilingual web interface.
* We reserve the right to investigate and revoke the payment in case of authorized government agencies or financial institutions legitimate request.

With the unified integration interface offered by WEBNET, you will be able to accept payments through any of the payment systems WEBNET cooperates with. Partnership with WEBNET will allow you to diversify your payment options, significantly increase the number of returning customers, save your time and up your sales!
Ease of Integration
  In addition to excellent service, the WEBNET payment system offers a full range of integration features that help merchants to set up their online store in a matter of minutes while not necessarily having special programming skills.
WEBNET Marketplace

MarketplaceWEBNET Marketplace is an online catalogue of goods and services. Every WEBNET merchant has the ability to create his own e-market without any technical knowledge! Starting your business is just that easy: add a product or service, enter a description/select a picture, choose a category and start your worldwide trade with members of the WEBNET family. Most popular goods will be displayed on the main marketplace page. As a result, higher-ranked products will be featured as exclusive offers to a community of well-heeled buyers who are just one click away from a purchase!

Shopping Cart Software
Shopping Cart SoftwareWEBNET supports a long list of both open source and commercial shopping cart software. If your store is built on a popular platform, you can start accepting WEBNET payments right away by just downloading and installing a plug-in. If there is a system that is not yet supported by WEBNET, we will assign our programmers the task of promptly compiling required module.

Feature-Rich API
Rich APIWEBNET provides a full-featured API that contain a variety of useful tools and instruments to facilitate integration to self-made market systems. There is literally everything you need to set up WEBNET on your website in a matter of minutes. If you will need anything extra, just let us know!


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